4 one hour live virtual classes. You and up to 29 more friends; 30 person max.  That's under $50 per person. Everyone gets a free, signed copy of John's latest book that contains all the planes from his world famous show.  You'll learn 12 planes, plus basic folding technique, plus origami techniques (Squash Fold, Petal Fold, Sink Fold, Reverse Folds, The Waterbomb Base), basic forces, throwing techniques, tips and tricks for inventing your own planes.  Boomerang I, Boomerang II, Tumbling Wing, Phat Glider, Ultra Glide, Max Lock, Phoenix Lock, Interlock Biplane, Interlock Dart, The World Record Plane, The Tube, The Swan, and more.  Go from zero to hero with your paper airplane making.  Do it online with a bunch of your friends. 

Create a Paper Airplane Camp for 30 Campers!

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