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Corporate Team Building

World Record Holder, Author, Keynote Speaker


Rapid Prototypes, Innovation,

Overcoming Fear of Failure


Living a creative life leads to


"You knocked it out of the park and

really set the tone for the whole day."

Teri Theuriut

Hawaii Electrical Company

"I was struck by what he did and his story!"

Kit Parker

Tarr Family Professor of Bioengineering and Applied Physics, Harvard SEAS


For the Love of Flight

" John Collins has been a great partner in meeting our mission to 'Inspire and Educate,' and we look forward to working with him again and long into the future. "

Larry Wood

Executive Director, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

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Keynote: Early Math Sumposium

"John creates magic.  It was not lost on anyone that ordinary objects can be a springboard for rich discovery. I particularly appreciated the interactive nature of John’s presentation. His captivating keynote address was relevant and engaging."

Carolyn Pfister

State Board of Education

John has made a lot of tv appearances:

"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Your presentation was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well Done☺   I heard many excited students throughout the school talking about their paper airplanes and how they flew."

Chris Naccarrato, National Award Winning Science Educator

Events Calendar

Wings Over Harvard!

The Harvard Graduate School of Design invites The Paper Airplane Guy.

  Oculus Experience  "The Magic of Flight"  with John Collins 
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Oculus goggles are recommended but not required.
Welcome to the first of its kind, all web based, immersive, educational experience.

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