Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

The paper airplane guy is doing it again in McMinnville, Oregon. Evergreen is always a great event. They have an outstanding collection of war birds and vintage planes, and an old Apollo launch control room. So many great things in one spot. Did I mention the water park where you actually jump out of the exits of a 747 onto the water slides? Crazy fun. I'm there on Feb.27 for a couple of shows. http://www.evergreenmuseum.org/events?eventTitle=the-paper-airplane-guy-fantastic-flight-and-paper-airplanes--1438013983--52

Pilot a Paper Airplane

A big part of The National Paper Airplane Contest will be Dog Fighting. Any plane made from league paper is allowed. Choosing your plane and strategy will be a big key to winning. This video shows the basic airflow involved. https://youtu.be/swu3Sa8_-Ug

Of Robots and Records

To my surprise, the Daily Mail version of the paper airplane folding lego bot story includes a mention of little ol' me. Scroll down to the end. Joe Ayoob, me and Suzanne all get a word. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3441989/The-Lego-robot-builds-perfect-paper-planes-time-Video-shows-machine-folding-launching-aircraft.html

The National Paper Airplane Contest

The new website for the national contest is up at www.TheNationalPaperAirplaneContest.com Please visit, especially if you're interested in using paper airplanes as a science project. There are some great ideas in the science project section. I hope you'll join us for the competition.

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