One for the books...

Did people make paper airplanes before real planes? Yes and no. They were called paper darts before airplanes became part of our vocabulary. So, in a way, paper airplanes only happened after the Wright Brothers. However, there are books dating back to 1864 (that’s right—civil war era) that contain instructions for paper darts. At least 40 years before the invention of powered, controllable, human aviation, Americans were throwing paper darts around. Paper darts may date much farther back. Leonardo Da Vinci describes making paper darts from parchment, so that gets us back to the late 1400s or early 1500s AD. His drawings get up-close to the concept of turbulent and laminar flow. His observat

In The Weeds

This is not about paper airplanes. It's about my second great hobby, windsurfing. Sometimes great big rationalizations creep up on you. Rationalizing is knowing something you’re doing is probably wrong, but you make up “logical” reasons or “rationales” for continuing to do the thing; mainly because you like doing that thing. Guys with speed boats know they pollute the air and water, but they work hard and deserve some play time; so, you know, what one person does can’t kill the planet right? Guys with giant sailboats, that get built with climate changing VOCs and plastics, figure they’re not as polluting as those speed boat guys. They deserve a little fun, and really, what can one person do

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