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Fly for Fun Days

I'm very excited to report that two of the three fly for fun days (the STEM education days, funded by my 501.c3 corp) are nearly complete. I'm bringing Ryan Naccarato, a three time RedBull Paper Wings top finisher, up this weekend to shoot some video. We'll demonstrate dog fighting and fast catch for future competitors in The National Paper Airplane Contest. Ryan brings expert level paper airplane making and flying skills. When we're not shooting, I'm sure we'll be doing a lot of folding and flying.

The video shoot at Hiller Aviation marks the final two pieces of video for the first two Fly for Fun days. As I begin editing for Fly for Fun Day 3, the anticipation builds for launching the programs. I can't wait for people to start using them. The STEM enrichment is top notch, and the planes are fun to fold and fly. The programs are also designed to give everyone a solid base for competing in the national contest.

2016 is the first of many great years of competition to come. I hope you'll join us.


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